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Welcome to Indonesia Wooden Craft Manufacturers, the premier source for unique handmade wooden art and gifts. Our expert woodcarvers handcraft each piece with care, passion, and generations of woodworking knowledge.

We believe that exceptional craftsmanship is the mark of quality. Our woodcarvers train for years to master their craft, carefully selecting and carving each material by hand. Every item we produce shows our dedication to handcraftsmanship and fine detail.

At our factory, we use high-grade recycled teak sourced from our own outdoor furniture production line at Auliajti.com. This environmentally sustainable approach substantially decreases environmental impact. Our woodcarvers then transform the teak, along with other sustainable woods ethically sourced from local forests, into handmade woodcarvings, toys, furniture, and home decor for customers worldwide.

We combine traditional woodworking techniques with modern laser technology to efficiently produce high-quality items. This blend of time-honored handcraftsmanship and precision technology allows us to meet production targets and satisfy customers worldwide.

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Aulia Crafts

Our commitment to excellence and sustainable practices has made us a trusted source for high-end galleries, designers, and collectors around the world. Each handcrafted piece reflects our authentic approach and respect for tradition.

Discover the beauty of Indonesian craftsmanship through our handcrafted wood products and unique wooden items. Browse today to find handmade wood crafts that will perfectly complement any space.

Our Handmade Wooden Art​

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Our woodworking is not just a craft, it's the embodiment of tradition and art.

Customized Options

Transform your ideas into tangible masterpieces with our custom-made woodcraft, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans to match your unique vision.

Diverse Creations

Our artisans skillfully create diverse handcrafted wooden items, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern designs.

Quality Assured

Using the finest hardwoods, ensures exceptional quality and durability in our crafts. Our commitment to premium materials sets us apart.

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